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Cell phone rental Argentina


Now you can travel across Argentina and keep in touch whether in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario  or many other major cities and towns throughout the country. This Phonerental international cellular phone rental solutions includes VoiceMail, a complete accessory pack and 24 Hour Global Support, 365 days a year.  

Local Number: With a (GSM) Cell Phone Rental for Argentina and a local Argentine mobile number you benefit from low cost call rates and FREE incoming calls while in Argentina!  

Toll free option: This option enables you to use your own US mobile number while traveling but still benefit from low cost call rates.You can then simply forward your existing US mobile number to a Phonerental toll free number before you depart and start saving as soon as you reach Argentina.



  Phonerental AT&T Verizon Wireless T-Mobile
Incoming calls $ FREE
$ 2.29 + tax $ 4.99 + tax $ 1.99 + tax
Local calls $ 0.95 $ 2.29 + tax $ 4.99 + tax $ 1.99 + tax
Calls to the US $ 1.55 $ 2.29 + tax $ 4.99 + tax $ 1.99 + tax






>Prices are per minute or fraction of a minute<

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  • No Activation Fees. No Minimum Usage requirements. No hidden costs.
  • Crystal clear cell phone reception.
  • Worldwide cell phone rental coverage in more 160 countries.
  • You never run out of minutes
  • No call back service. Get connected right away with great reception.
  • 5 Star Customer Service. Guaranteed!!
  • Cell Phones can delivered and returned to and from any city in the US

Rates (minimum rental 1 week)

Rental Fees:

  • Daily Rental:$1.50
  • Weekly Rental:$10.50
  • 2 Weeks Rental:$21.00
  • 3 Weeks Rental:$31.50
  • Monthly Rental:$45.00

Calling Rates:

  • Incoming Calls: $ 0.00
  • Local Outgoing calls: $ 0.95
  • Calls to the US: $ 1.55

  • Incoming TXT: $ 0.00
  • Outgoing TXT: $ 1.19

These rental fees are for SIM + Handset.  Follow the link if you have your own handset and would like to rent one of our Argentine sim cards! You will save on shipping, rental, and insurance.  Cost of the calls remain the same.

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Coverage Map

Important Information

In Buenos Aires

  • Police: 911
  • Fire: 100
  • Ambulance: 107
  • Tourist Police Unit: 4346-5748

 US Embassy in Buenos Aires:

Colombia 4300, Palermo, near Plaza Italia. (54) (11) 5777-4533. http://argentina.usembassy.gov 
E-mail: BuenosAires-ACS@state.gov

Dialing Instructions

Our Argentinean Cell Phone Rental Provides you with a local Argentinean phone line. Argentina´s country code is 54. For example, if the number we supplied you was:


Here is how to call from and to your phone:

 From the US to call your Argentinean cell phone:

011- 54-9-11-XXXX-XXXX

 To call from Argentina to your Argentinean cell:


 For you to call Our Office from Argentina (619-226-6086):

+ 1 619 226 6086

"+" sign stands for the international access code, usually is entered holding the 0 (zero) key on your phone, check your instructional for more information.

 For you to call other numbers in Argentina

For Example, to call a fixed number in Buenos Aires (XXXX-XXXX)


For Example, to call a fixed number in Mendoza (XXXX-XXXX)


 Text Messaging

Dialing instructions are the same for receiving or sending text messages. Remember that each text message is charged as a 1 (one) minute call.

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Argentine cell phone rental is the perfect solution for your short term communication needs: our lines are post paid, roaming on the largest network provider in Argentina, Movistar,  so your communications are always as good as they'd get on the place you are in.  Also, our rates are a small fraction of what providers in the US would charge, as you can see on our comparative  table at the top of the page.  A Cell phone rental for Argentina is the most cost effective, reliable and simple solution to keep in touch in whatever country you find yourself in.


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