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NEW!! 9555 Satellite phone rental

NEW!! 9555 Satellite phone rental

The time tested, adventure ready certified, cult level inspiring Iridium satellite phone just got an upgrade: the slimmer, lighter,  9555 model! Same reliability, rugged exterior, awesome set of features, but in a more elegant, easier to carry handset!

Satellite phone rental includes VoiceMail, free incoming calls and a complete accessory pack. All of Phonerental’s satellite phone rental solutions include 24 Hour Global Support, 365 days a year.

Our satellite phone rental is based on the Iridium phone system,  a satellite-based Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) system, providing complete global, wireless digital communication. This system is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth (including oceans, airways and Polar regions). Through a constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbiting satellites, our Iridium satellite phone rental delivers essential communication services to and from remote areas where terrestrial communications are not available.

Our per minute rates are $1.99 per minute for all outgoing calls to cellphones, land line phones and other Iridium phones.  We charge 5 minutes per day of talk time to use.  Minutes are pooled, so if you rent for 5 days, you are charged for 25 minutes that you can use in any of those days!  And of course, all incoming calls are free of charge to you!


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  • Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone
  • 9555 Satellite phone with antenna extended
  • 9555 and 9505A compared
  • Iridium 9555 satellite phone
  • Iridium 9555 Rental Package
  • 9555 in Pelican Case


  • Works EVERYWHERE on earth (excluding Poland and Sri Lanka) 
  • Only needs to have a clear sight of the sky to get a signal 
  • Calls are diverted to voicemail when the phone is not available or busy 
  • Light weight and compact, gives you the peace of mind you need when traveling to places without regular cellphone or landline coverage 
  • Accesories allow you to use solar energy to keep it charged.
  • Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability
  • Integrated speakerphone

Your rental Includes

  • New Iridium Motorola 9555 Handheld Satellite phone, weighing approximately 1lbs (see complete specs on this page) 
  • FREE incoming calls and Text messages! 
  • VoiceMail 
  • Complete accessory pack including rapid charger, travel adapters for foreign outlets, leather holster, and instruction booklet 
  • 24 Hour Global Support, 365 days a year
  • Pre-paid return pack for convenient return
  • Optional car charger (free of charge)
  • Optional rugged Pelican case (free of charge)
  • Optional magnetic antenna with extension (free of charge)
  • Optional solar charger  

Rates (minimum rental 1 week)

Rental Fees:

  • Daily Rental: $ 11.29 per day
  • Weekly Rental: $ 79.00 per week
  • 2 Weeks Rental: $ 139.00
  • 3 Weeks Rental: $ 210.00
  • Monthly Rental: $ 250.00 per month

Call Rates

 - Incoming Calls (Direct dial):         $FREE!! 

 - Incoming Calls (2-stage dialing): $1.99 per minute

 - Outgoing Calls:                          $1.99 per minute 

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The Iridium hand held portable satellite phone is available for rental on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Using your rental satellite phoneis as simple as using a cellular phone and all satellite phone rentals include a variety of lightweight accessories for easy charging and set-up.


  • Weight:Under 9.40 oz (266 g)

  • L 5.63 in x W 2.17 in x D 1.18 in (143L x 55W x 30D mm)

  •  Features:

  • Volume: Under 375cc (22.9 ci)

  • 4 hours Talk Time

  • 30 hours Standby Time

  • Operating range: -10 to +55 ºC


** What is the 2 stage dialing with our satellite phone rentals?

The Two-Stage Dialing Platform was developed to allow callers the ability to call an Iridium subscriber via a local phone number in Arizona. This alleviates an issue with some long distance carriers not allowing calls to the 8816 country code (Iridium). 

It also helps keep the cost of calling down, as the caller is charged only for the call to Arizona. The rest of the call is charged to the Iridium subscriber, typically at a lower rate than a long distance call to Iridium directly. Some carriers, speciall cellphone carriers have reported charging anywhere from $3.99 a minute to $8.99 a minute to call directly to an Iridium phone!

The calling party dials an Arizona USA number (+1.480.768.2500) This connects the caller to Iridium’s Two-Stage Dialing platform located in Tempe, Arizona.

Using automated voice prompts, the calling party enters the Iridium subscriber's phone number (8816......) The system will identify the IRIDIUM subscriber and connect the call. If there is no answer, the call will then be forwarded to the Iridium subscriber's voice mail.

FREE text message sending!

One of the advantage of Iridium is its free incoming text mesage features, now you can also SEND these text messages for FREE, directly from Iridiums web site.  Just go to Iridiums messaging page and follow the instructions!



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