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Taming High International Roaming Charges


International roaming charges for global travel can be surprisingly expensive. Global roaming expenses are a neglected area of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Telecom Expense Management (WTEM). With the current economic environment enterprises start are seeking to cut costs. When enterprises rank their top challenges to managing wireless expenses, international roaming charges are cited by 70% of enterprises, that have international operations, as one of their greatest challenges. Learn more ways to reduce international roaming charges with this roaming and travel guide.   

Strategic Sourcing & Optimization of Mobile Plans

Relying on corporate buying power does not get the lowest overall cost for international mobility expenses. Many organizations are pooling plans and optomizing their mobility plans to ensure that the pool of purchased peak minutes closely approximates the minutes that are consumed. The objective is to avoid forfeiting unused minutes and to get the lowest real cost per minute for mobile voice services. The real cost per minute is calculated by dividing the actual cost for a pool or bucket of minutes divided by the actual minutes consumed each month. Strategic sourcing with competitive negotiations, and optomization of mobility plans helps, but it does not address the high costs for international roaming.

Challenging Status Quo for International Roaming

When it comes to international travel, negotiating special contracts helps to reduce mobility costs, but enterprises find that contracts will only get a portion of the savings that can be attained for international roaming. Organizations must look to transform the model for how international travel is managed. Small change is not enough to deliver the kind of savings that are needed to stay competitive. 

Some organizations have adopted a model in which they use "loaner" smartphones and cell phones that have been optomized for specific countries and regional travel. Another approach is to use a third party that will provide unlocked GSM phones or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. A removable country specific SIM card allows employees to leverage the benefits of a third party aggregator that is able to negotiate large volume discounts for international roaming. There are companies that provide these services. In addition, these third party firms can provide streamlined management and distribution of optomized devices. Enterprises benefit from a network with call in numbers and web access to request mobile phones and SIM cards.





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