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Phonerental launches new office in Cancun

After the huge success of the Mexico office opened in 2006 , Phonerental opened is 2nd office in that country, the beautiful Cancun. This is the 4th office opened in only 7 years.

With his home office in Buenos Aires, 2nd office in sunny San Diego and the 3rd in Mexico DF, Phonerental keeps growing, taking giant steps.

Phonerental began in 2001 in Buenos Aires with the sole purpose of renting mobile technologies to tourist all over Argentina. But the needs of the market make tendencies, and they expand to San Diego in 2003, taking the business to a whole new level. From the US office, they are able to deliver great service quality to Puerto Rico, Alaska and Canada too.

The business kept on growing. Going south of the border, to Mexico was a reality. The ideal place to take it up a notch. And less than a year later, they got to Cancun. A few blocks from the beach, they are very close to their customers, making they stayed in the Caribbean location more pleasurable.

And not only Phonerental has expand itself physically, also the range of services is growing faster everyday. Additional to US and international phone rentals and satellite rentals, Phonerental added to his long list of services: Blackberry rentals, GPS rentals, SIM card rentals, laptop and notebook rentals. For immediate assistance to the customers, call center and tech support, either by phone or trough chat online with a live agent is now available. With strategic partners all over the world, (France, Japan, Spain, UK, South Korea, to name a few), Phonerental strives every day to deliver customer satisfaction to corporations and individuals.

 Phonerental USA:

3065 Rosecrans Pl. Suite 107, San Diego, CA 92110, Ph: +1 619 226 6086, Tf: 1 800 335 3705, Fx: +1 619 226 6095, www.phonerentalusa.com

  Phonerental Argentina:

Esmeralda 909, 3rd Floor B, Buenos Aires, Argentina, C1007ABK, Ph: +54 11 4311 2933, www.phonerental.com.ar

  Phonerental Mexico DF:

Av. Ejército Nacional 505, Piso 6to, oficina 603, Colonia Polanco, Mexico DF, 11520, Ph: +52 55 5250 9996, www.phonerental.com.mx

  Phonerental Cancun:

Av. de La Luna S.M. 43 MZ. 11 Lote 22, Suite 401, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 77506, Ph: +52 998 849 2638

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